Weekend ~ 11/22/13 ~ A Line Was Drawn (poem)


Another cryptic and tight-lipped weekend update. I still haven’t spilled the beans to all interested and important people in my life. This means you all will have to wait a little longer for my what’s update.

I have a short story I have been working on and hope to eventually post for feedback. I have had some editing help and there is more flushing out to do. So in the interim here is a double Etheree I wrote inspired by Michael Drainsfield’s poem ‘After a birthday’.

See you on Monday. I hope (no promises) to give my fellow fictioneers the reading attention they so rightly deserve. Thanks for baring with me as of late.


A Line Was Drawn

That fateful night a line was drawn in dirt

Like the hedge between our properties

Cricket song giving way to cries

Splayed among the golden wheat

retreat executed

Humpty Dumpty’s Wall

Cast asunder

Tears falling




From a

Single spot

Upon me cheek

Swept to the wayside

Lay Echoes of childhood

Marking innocence lost as

The warm summer’s night closes in

Trembling memories of youth gone astray

A line drawn demarcating yesterday

by ~DCT

Blast from This Blogs Past


The Weekend Reading List


Something Extra

Don’t Know Why ~ Norah Jones

Image: Annie Liebowitz & Grace Coddington Alice in Wonderland spread, curiouser and curiouser

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