Deconstructed ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/22

So if you read my blog, you no doubt already know all about Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the incomparable Rochelle. Or perhaps you are a fellow fictioneer stopping by, also needing no introduction. But on the off chance you are new, welcome. The challenge of FF is to write a short story no longer than 100 words based on a photo prompt. I am afraid this week, with the appearance of the Mannequin, I was unable to stray too far from my roots.

sean-fallonCopyright  Sean Fallon



“THIS is going to be your catalog cover?”

“What? It screams Deconstructed-unfinished, recycled, raw. Seriously it’s genius!”

“If you say so yourself” Stevie retorted under her breath. She never understood Theo’s designs. Ignoring her, he continued staging the shot.

“OK it’s edgy, but wouldn’t models actually wearing something from this season better reveal the mastery of your designs?” She hoped to manipulate his vanity. “Show the torn denim, distressed washes and ragged hemlines.”

“Relax! I’m communicating the illusion of coming apart. This season’s theme is Vandalized for God sakes.”

“You’re the designer.” Stevie conceded knowing he was usually right anyway.


Word Count: 100

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22 thoughts on “Deconstructed ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/22

  1. Ah, those creative differences and trying to agree on a way forward. I like the thought of this representing Deconstructed and Vandalized, and the catalog cover may just turn some heads.

  2. This is a very different take, but it works. I think that here, “theme is vandalized for God sakes”, you might have “theme is “Vandalized”, for…”, since it seems that’s the title of it.


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