The Weekend ~ 11/15/13


Friday’s here. What? Too obvious a lead in. Fine but today I’m at a loss for words. I have things to process and intend to share but not before the people in my life get the scoop. On the off chance someone I know actually reads this blog. Cryptic I’m sure.

I have been scattered recently. Unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand, on work, on the details of life that demand attention. I have had to set reminder alarms for myself on little things. I even showed up four days early for a doctor’s appointment. I am in deep. So deep I can’t always find myself. So with that I leave you for the weekend. See you Monday.

P.S I hope to read my Friday Fictioneers and review you all. 🙂 A woman needs a goal.


Shifting Sands Inside This Hour Glass– A Poem by DCT

Grains of Sand
This mountain I climb
Is a glass house
Time fades away
The hours pass swiftly
I’m drowning
Pockets full of rocks


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The Weekend Reading List


Something Extra

Adele ~ Turning Tables