Let Me Know You (poem)

Please accept my invitation

Come in, sit down, and rest awhile

Bare yourself clean

And I will do the same

Show me your stripes

What you’ve hidden deep inside

For isn’t that why you came?


The sky above is so blue today

Not a cloud to be found

And the weathers so warm 

thank god the rain stayed away.


I remember the cold rain

Fell hard upon my cheeks

The day my father died.

I thought he’d live forever.

Walk me down the aisle.


I made the best dish the other day

Got the recipe from a friend

You really should try it.

Curry tikka masala

I think they call it


I don’t eat curry anymore

Not since the night my husband

Took me by the throat


I swear I love my dog, cat, bird

Even my parakeet .

Don’t know where I’d be

without my furry menagerie

they’re my kids.


I can’t have children.

Not since tumors ate my womb

Left me barren


Have you ever been to Paris?

I was just there

Saw the Mona Lisa

Stood atop the Eiffel Tower

You really should go.


Yes you should go.

I see now we speak

Very different languages

You talk of weather, food,

pets and travel

Boogie boogie par par


But I want to know if you ever feel hallow?

I want to know what you’re willing to die for?


Tell me one thing none knows.

Show me your soul

And I will call you friend.

Otherwise there’s the door.