The Weekend ~ 11/1/13


I managed to get some drawing done this week. It’s been awhile. So that was a nice reprieve.  I am posting Meow all colored. Love how the orange highlighter worked for the coat. Makes it very vibrant don’t you think?

Life is still crashing over my head in waves. I am barely surfacing for air. So I plan to keep this post very short.  Today I can’t bare to be Debbie Downer. Even if I embody her.  I simply must hold on to some of my fleeting resolve. So it seems fitting that I post my personal confessionals on Fridays. I learned recently that traditionally Mondays and Fridays have the least traffic on a site. More illusionary anonymity I suppose.

You know the hardest part of losing your best friend? Sometimes they’re the only one you really need to talk to when the s*#&$! hits the fan. And then come the times when you just want to be held for a moment, to be able let go, feel supported and loved.

I have gutter cleaning planned for tomorrow and thankfully bridge with friends to help distract me. And perhaps maybe I’ll find some calm. Two weeks ago I said I was waiting for something new to arrive or the other shoe. Well the shoe landed. Never knew I had so many pairs. Well till Monday be good to yourself and your loved ones.


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Something Extra

Don’t Know Why ~ Norah Jones

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