The Extraction #fridayfictioneers via rochelle – 10/18

The Friday Fictioneers challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. I’ve included a link below to other writer’s contributions. Make sure to check them out.


copyright –Janet Webb


The Extraction

“Of course” she thought. Her return to Boulder corresponded with the 100 year flood. It was fitting really. The deluge matched how she felt, her mind traveling back to an ancient history she always avoided- theirs.

“Floppy chicken”, he warned, would haunt her. His erratic hand flopping incessantly over her body, whether madness or affection she was unsure. Yet the memory never failed to conjure a smile. As he’d promised her it would.

Looking upon the flooded Whole Foods parking she could picture him. It wouldn’t be tag golf this time. No, today he’d be shopping cart surfing. She smiled

Word Count: 100


22 thoughts on “The Extraction #fridayfictioneers via rochelle – 10/18

  1. Hi Dana,
    Subtle but powerful writing. I feel like I know more about this couple’s history is the few words you flash fictioned than I do about some couples I’ve actually known for a long time. Great piece! Ron

    • Ron,

      Thank you very much. That is a huge compliment to hear that I conveyed the emotional subtly I was aiming for and gave you a glimpse inside an intimate connection between these 2 people.


  2. Ok the floppy chicken thing still has me a bit lost. I even read the comments. I thought I almost had it when I read your reply to Rochelle as: One of the quickest things about my 1st Ex husband and then I averted my eyes, thinking I had learned too much.

  3. A complexity here, that the flood brought up memories she was trying to avoid. And some of them pleasant and smile-inducing. Shopping cart surfing sounds fun. Like everybody, I’ve stood on the back bar of carts and zoomed along, but never thought of surfing. When given lemons…

  4. Dear Dana,

    To make the floppy chicken hand as matter of fact and lovely as you did requires skill. Well done. I enjoyed this happy, wet slice of life after the flood.



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