Asymptote (poem)


There once was a time
As Eldest siblings
we served
I, as Mom
You, as Pop
Our pack of bandits
Childhood spent
We ruled the lot

And I wondered
Would WE be?
A We?
Not you
Nor I

For me
you live
in fireflies
come out to play
at night

For me
You live
High atop Macy’s tree
In Secrets shared
Of could be

For me
You live
In the Tall tale
Of an 8yr old’s Proposal
oft regaled

For me
You live
in the barn amidst
Hay fort fears
Born sparks alit

Did you wonder?
Would WE be?
A We?
Not I
Nor You

Too long I fear
We played this game
Tag you’re it
You with her
Him and me
Paths diverged
Ways decided

Once we laid
Side by side
Lip locked
for Briefest moment
Inside Whispers soft
Colliding in a dream

so close
The choice seemed
within our grasp
to become
And yet
You chose her
Not me

That is how
A heart can break
Two halves
Never were
Just I
And You

Watching as
she walked the aisle
I stood breathless
To Say goodbye
As our childhood promise
Sweet whispered
Passed us by

So you see
I no longer wonder
Will We be
For You
There is No I
only she
you see

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