The Weekend ~ 9/13/13 ~Toile, toile toile!


Toile, toile, toile! Lately that word has become an expletive to me. Or at the least a Yiddish toi, toi, toi to ward off all the evil thoughts I’ve had while drawing. If you don’t know what toile is read Design Sponge’s article the History of Toile de Jouy and follow-up Modern Toile.

I managed to complete all 6 vignettes for the fabric print and am glad to be in the final stretch of the layout. Though I’ve now come to believe that the French are sadists. Yes, I realize I should have more appreciation for tasks that stretch me past my comfort zone. But come on! And frankly Sheila Bridges is just a show off. Her Harlem Toile de Jouy is unreal. I’ve secretly convinced myself that it took her years to complete the design.

My first large size art print arrived unscathed down under. It tickles me to no end to know that something I drew is hanging on a wall half way around the world. I still find myself humbled by every print purchase. Pinch me Auntie Em.

I’ve been receiving a lot of encouragement lately to write more. I can tackle a 100 word story or a poem with little trepidation but longer pieces and I begin to break out in a cold sweat. My girlfriend told me she’d rather clean toilets with a tooth brush then write at all. I’d definitely rather write and perhaps move in with her if she’s so willing to clean the toilet.

I’ve also been introduced to so many writers through the internet that I am becoming inefficient in my daily life. All I want to do is read, review, comment and connect. Seriously people amaze me. There is no end to the talent being expressed.

I had a friend that once told me everyone has an addiction of some kind. I thought mine was the nights I stay up obsessively creating. But I’ve come to realize I actually am a creativity junkie. Because I fall in love a little bit everyday with someone’s words, images, raw human expression or perhaps divine inspiration. I suspect it’s a little of both.

I’ve been pondering cutting back my blog posts to thrice weekly. Since I have a personal project I want to dedicate time to. Instead I find my creative juices on over drive- inspiration flowing so much so that I am occasionally posting twice in one day. I suspect this might be procrastination disguised as productivity.

So with that thought I will bid you à demain (okay….Monday)

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