#fridayfictioneers via rochelle – 8/23


Image Copyright –Claire Fuller


What had possessed him to encourage the fantasies of a 12 year old, flying off to Kildare? But secretly he was curious. Anna shared every detail of Brigid’s life. He felt he knew her as he did his own beloved daughter.

After days combing through records at the county registrars, talking to townspeople, seeking corroboration, a descendant perhaps, he had doubt. Would they find proof she ever existed?

Anna led her father around the church down a worn path.  “I’m there” she pointed at the grass.  Kneeling he dug down revealing a single flat stone inscribed:

Brigid McLeod



Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers is here. I love this new challenge. Every week writers post a 100-word story inspired by a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. Click the link below to read other writer’s stories. Hope you enjoyed!

Kundalini Rising (a poem)

Chakras wweb

I invite you to rest a moment

Inside my depths

Feel the powerful thrust

Trust your instincts

There is more to come

Know you’re sacred

I invite you to rest a moment

Spread across my hips

Into where creation lives

Feel yourself growing strong

Pleasures abundant

You’ll be reborn

I invite you to rest a moment

Along the curve of rib

Cradled in my expansion

There is nothing to fear

I won’t steal your breath

Don’t shy away, Awaken

Inside Your holy power

I invite you to rest a moment

Upon my breast

Settle into my bones

Deep into spirit

Until the heat permeates

Your forgotten Heart

I invite you to rest a moment

Along my neck

Merge to the melody

Of my Pulsating song

Till your blood quickens

And your voice returns

I invite you to rest a moment

Upon my third eye

Silken soft visions

Mystical memories

Dream walking day into night

Your mind awakened

I invite you to rest a moment

Upon my crown

As past lives’ meditate

Inside endless dimensions

Let’s die and be reborn

infinite in silent bliss
~by DCT