#fridayfictioneers via rochelle – 8/16

Something new for me this time. Every Wednesday Rochelle Wisdoff-Fields posts a picture prompt. Writers are asked to write a flash fiction story no more than 100 words to go along with the image. Afterwords you post a link to your story. This weeks image.


You Can Run…..

She had managed to leave him. Slipping out under the cloak of night driving as far as that tank of gas would allow, every ounce of her begging for sleep, fear coaxing keep running. Exhaustion taking over she pulled off the road.

Tipping her seat back she peered over at Katie asleep in her car seat. As the rain pelted down she closed her eyes willing tomorrow will look different, the sound like fists upon her face. She finally drifted off. With a crash she awoke hitting her head against the roof, blood dripping over her eyes, trapped once again.


—————————— or a lighter version


The Bargain

“How many times are you going to say it’s the last time?” she wondered groping about this stranger’s apartment in search of her bra. This was becoming a habit, twice this week alone.

In defeat she exclaimed, “God please just help me find it. So I can go. I promise I’ll repay you. I’ll be good, find a guy and stick around”

Then at the foot of the bed pink lace appeared. Quietly she slid it on and snuck her way out into the light. There she saw it. Her car demolished.

“Seriously him?” she incredulously looked skyward.

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