The Crazy Ones (Poem)


We are the authors

The inventors

The editors

The Publishers

Let’s scrawl our story

Let’s collaborate

Say who we are

Write it

Paint it

Sing it

Play it

This is our biography

Go ahead and do it

Show me

Your Mistakes and Victories

Tantrums and Triumphs

Profane Truths

Show me

Your Radiant Heart.


Today I was blessed by a studio tour by Tyree Callahan while on my mini vacation. He graciously took time to share his new work inspired by a Tom Robbins quote about the Northwest being played in a minor key , his process and a little about himself. Now I find his art pieces to be lyrical in their expression, musical emotions on canvas. But that’s my lens.

Of course I kept seeing faces in his work. Which is no doubt a consequence of being a fashion illustrator. But for me they would appear like the image of a man walking through fire in the bold red piece on the wall. Or the bridge of a woman’s nose, her cheekbone and eye peering out from the illumination like a guiding angel on life’s journey in a spectacular blue piece. I wanted to walk right into it. The new landscapes in minor key were soothing, inviting, raw, textural and complex like the NW. Just up my alley.

Please make sure to check him out. And if you’re ever in Bellingham look him up. And of course if you’re in the market for beautiful art to hang on your walls he’s your man.

Image: Here

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