The Weekend ~ 8/2/13

mime-attachment-785974Today’s image makes me want to move to Santa Barbara. Okay so I just want to move to Santa Barbara (inviting all job offers).

Do any of you remember the book the Borrowers? Perhaps the Littles? Well I wanted to be Arrietty Clock, living in the walls, seeking adventure in the world of the Big people. Today I still want to be Arrietty and move into this Sand Castle. Don’t hassle me with the limitations of reality. We all have our coping mechanisms in life. Mine just so happens to be a vivid imagination and creative expression, my own as well as others.

So the finalists for the Powell Book Bag design were chosen. I was not among them. However there are some great design finalists. These three were my favorites. One of them was the winner make sure to check out all the finalists.

Powell's books bags

This is what I created. I think she’s lovely. But not great for a promotional bag. The logo placement is too small. She is not drawn or spaced appropriately for the bag and after seeing the other designs could really use a little color.  Sure, she makes me want to grab a good book and curl up somewhere. But I should have put a little more thought into the design. Especially in regards to the intent and in essence client. Next time!

Powell Books entry low resHere’s an example of  a quick edit. She’s cropped tight. Then I would add color everywhere except her skin (dress, bracelet, hair, mug and eyes. Already closer…..

Powell's cropped

Still no shed (because I know you’re curious).

I am in desperate need of a  few days off. The UPS backup battery to our server went on the fritz on Monday and has been incessantly chirping at me every 5 seconds all week. Think nails on the chalkboard or Chinese water torture. I deserve hazard pay for the week. Birds even began to dive bomb my window obviously thinking I had kidnapped their babies. I have tried to trick myself that it is simply a metronome pacing my day which only made me feel pressured.  Rob, our computer guy, should be here soon to rescue me from this madness.

This weekend is Seafair and sadly no Blue Angels this year. Which makes sense in these economic times (Sequestration at work) but I have to admit I get a rush anytime they go overhead. As a little girl I wanted to be a jet fighter. But when I was growing up girls weren’t permitted to fly fighter jets. Perhaps that is why it appealed to me so much, my inner feminist at work. The reality is I would probably be nauseated and scared Sh*less.

I learned a few tidbits this week I wanted to share. First was during a online class through CreativeLIVE with Jared Bauman and Jeff Yokum. What I learned is when setting your goals make sure to set them just outside of reach. So you are always striving. If you make them too attainable like the greyhound who actually catches the rabbit you’ll be lost. If you aren’t scared then you aren’t risking enough. Dream bigger!

Next was from She says the point is to just make things. Don’t get caught up in good or bad just create. I am a huge proponenet of this work model.

Finally a tidbit from Shannon of the SLL‘s newsletter. Her AHA! gleaned from Reading Scott Peck’s the Road Less Traveled (Great Book). True personal growth takes movement. It is never stagnant. So don’t falter in your search for answers. Because life will never stop challenging you and you should never stop questioning things. Which leads me back full circle to Tidbit 1.

So here is the little extras to close the week. See you Monday!


Blast from This Blogs Past


The Weekend Reading List


Something Extra

Image: ILLUMINATED SANDCASTLE NOOSA MAIN BEACH, AUSTRALIA   Photograph via jennylouwho on Reddit


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