Black Hole (a Poem)


Discovered on the note pad of Physicist Karl Schwarzschild in the trenches of the first world war.

Black Hole

Fill me up

Your relentless gravitational pull

Gimme Gimme Gimme

More and more you take take take

Consuming all my light

How much love can one man need?

Tortured artist my ass

Seeking deeper understanding

the universe upon canvas

Not even physicists know

what’s happening inside your head

But I know what goes around

comes around my friend

Still all the love I give

Simply pours right through you

To her and her and her

again and again devoured

they strayed too close to escape

They simply don’t know you’ll

Rip their heart to pieces.

Invisible death star you are

I escaped your firewall.

You weren’t my event horizon.

by DCT