The Weekend ~ 8/30/13 ~Hodge Podge


I have made no secret of my love of all things French. Having been the language I took in high school, French-Word-a-Day serves as my surrogate language continuing education program. And I eagerly await any opportunity to flex ma langue française. My comprehension skills not being what they once were I prefer to correspond through emails to artists and vendors I am purchasing from online.  Translation and communication I can muster.

Sadly France is still one of the few European countries I have yet to visit. Quelle horreur! It will be done at some point as well as Florence. Though being raised in Philly where plenty of true Italian food exists I have not suffered. And having had a real life Movie moment seeing the notorious “Gentle Don” I’ve been closer to true Italia then one would need. Even at 7 it was enough to scare this little girl from a second playdate with his granddaughter. But honestly it wasn’t Angelo that scared me. It was other members of the familia that would soon play a role in his untimely demise. It was a life best witnessed on a movie screen.

Anyhoo…..back to French. Like I was saying I look for opportunities to speak française whenever I can find them. So last week I got a misdialed call on my cell phone while at work. Looking at the area code I could tell it was an international call. The man was speaking French though his accent sounded different. But in this rare moment, I could not switch gears quickly enough from my task at hand to respond appropriately and it became a missed opportunity to use my French skills. My replies ran through my head.

Je ne comprends pas ce que vous dites (I don’t understand what you’re saying.)

Qui êtes-vous? (Who are you calling for?)

C’est une erreur de numero( You’ve got the wrong number) 

Selma n’est pas ici (Selma is not here)

After the call I looked up the country code and realized the call was coming from Togo, South Africa. Simultaneously CNN broadcast a piece on people hacking your cell phone. After which I was just paranoid. Sad I know. This man from Togo just needed to find his beloved Selma (the story teller in me thrives).

So as we head into the long Labor Day Weekend I’ve made far too many plans, set too many goals, more than are humanly possible to accomplish. This is a regular occurrence for me. Perhaps I should try a new approach- one in which I don’t continuously fall short. That would be novel.

The Toile project has hit another glitch, this time partly of my making. My client decided to go with the quails and nix the snails as this is the true representation of their company’s name, meaning a group of ladies or quails. So we picked images we liked. Last night while sketching and trying to get different views of the quails in order to create a few new vignettes I realized we chose and I had been drawing males. This does not bode well for the group of Ladies concept. I should have been clued by the fact that the images we chose were so colorful. I know in the aviary world the males are the ornate ones, they do the dance; earn their way into the nest. Tisk Tisk. So now I have some major revisions necessary even on the finished drawings. Yikesabee!

I watched one more Ted Talk this week by Adam Leipzig- How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 minutes. In order to figure out this mystery he says you need only answer 5 basic questions.

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Who you do it for
  4. What those people want or need
  5. And what they get out of it. How they are changed as a result.

He assures us in the course of the video that it is simple. I responded to the friend who sent me the video “I can only answer the first question- who I am. Beyond that forget it. No wonder I feel purposeless.”

She replied she felt the same. So it turns out it was not so simple for either of us. So being the smart ass I am. I replied to her, and for her, as follows:

  1. Playwright
  2. Writes screen plays with spectacular dialogue
  3. My friend DCT (so she’ll get off my ass)
  4. To see me reach my fullest creative potential
  5. Feel like she’s an accomplished Muse.

To which she responded mine was the inverse of hers. “You are DCT, muse to driven creatives who want to bring great new ideas into the world, helping them bring their ideas to life! Though, I actually think that in addition to being a muse you are actually a hell of a creative yourself!”

You’ve got to love friends! Especially when they take your terrible personality traits like “masochism” and paint them lovely calling it “tenacity of spirit”.

So enjoy your long holiday! My something extra is a film I absolutely plan to watch this weekend. It comes very highly recommended by a friend. And this week’s Blast from this Blogs Past is an NYFA student and designer. Next Thursday many NYFA students’s will be showing their designs inspired by the Japanese Fashion exhibit at SAM. So if you’re in Seattle check it out. It will be a fun show. So Til Monday…


Blast from This Blogs Past


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Something Extra

The Intouchables trailer

Putty #fridayfictioneers via rochelle – 8/30

Time for Friday Fictioneers. This week was a challenge for me. So to refresh everyone the goal is to write a 100-word story inspired by a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. Click the link below my story to read other writer’s creations. Enjoy!

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller


Dazzling him from the first moment she’d stolen his heart. Today he’d do it. He’d muster the courage and approach her. “Excuse me” barely cleared his throat.

Leaning over the counter she languidly pointed.  His head swimming; dizzily intoxicated by her perfume. Removing the aquamarine diamond encrusted pendant he placed it about her neck. Watching it billow upon her chest silently musing these jewels pale in comparison to the sparkling brilliance of those azure eyes.

Tenderly she stroked his cheek purring “Thank you”. Turning towards the platform, Putty her only thought. Minutes passed before, wits regained, Tom realized what happened.

Word count: 100

Bright Star (poem)


Breathe my chrysalides beauty

In the rhythm of your words

like the barest whiff of memory

you crack me open

Drawn between the lines of love

Inside the holiness of affections grace

I know I am real

existing in our reflection

living an eternity inside your cadence

A heart beating out my name in whispers

between walls palms pressed

Upon butterfly’s breathe

Floating atop the flowering treetops

Soul emboldened in your embrace

I will love you ever steadfast

we will become immortal

Oh, to be your bright Star

~by DCT

From reading this one might gather I’ve seen Bright Star a few times and it is no doubt appallingly obvious I’m afflicted with romanticism. But Keats was undeniably a great poet.

The Weekend ~ 8/23/13 ~Buddy System for Creatives

Well this is how it felt to actually finish the shed.  It brought such a sense of accomplishment for myself and two girlfriends that plugged away at the instructions (which weren’t always straightforward but admittedly we weren’t the most careful readers-the fine print occasionally slipping past us) and who toiled at the manual labor (more then I’ve done in ages). It was sheer Girl Power in action.

Wheeeee! (That’s actually for all of my readers who no longer need to hear about the blasted shed.) I’ll spare you all the updates about part II-emptying the storage unit.

Now as I shared in my post Creative Junkie one of my absolute favorite things about teaching is seeing my student’s creativity come to fruition. To watch the process as they discovered their muse. So Yesterday I received an email from a past student thanking me for encouraging him to enter the Seamless in Seattle Competition this year. He was being kind because I actually threatened him bodily harm if he did not take the leap. I love his designs. He was thanking me because he is this years winner and will be featured in a two page spread in Seattle Magazine. This is a huge accomplishment and he joins a long list of past NYFA grads including WyattOrr (a previous Tuesday Talent feature). So of course I immediately ran out and bought the magazine on my lunch break. So the rest of you need to keep your eyes out for the talented Tom Ordonio and definitely check out his website.

P.S. a little known fact about Tom. He can ROCK it at Karaoke. Seriously he’s good!

So my friend DT and I have started a buddy system for our creative projects. We may need to start a group for Creative Junkies. AAAA- Alliance of Artists Addicted to Alliteration. It’s a working title. Anyway I digress.

Each of us has our own creative projects in the works that we never set time for. Over a walk last weekend we discussed what we wanted to accomplish and decided to support one another in our endeavors. We each agreed that we’d dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes 7 days a week to our projects and then let one another know.

Now a sad thing I learned about myself in the past is that I am much more likely to go to the Gym if I have an appointment with a trainer. I dread the gym. But if I am paying for something and have committed to another person I will not let them down. But if I am forced to arise on my own and go work out based simply on sheer willpower- forget it. I’m hitting snooze. This does not bode well on the self motivation scale.

So I had to ask myself is there something I am dreading about completing my creative projects? (Actually another friend ask me that). I don’t think so. I believe I simply need a little support to help propel me past the hurtles. The places along the process I get stuck, hit a road block. Like when I was told I should patent an idea I am working on. The whole thing threw me into a whirl in the deep end. I literally froze in my project. I shared this with a friend who said, ”  If patenting overwhelms you, don’t worry about that part, just do the work you want to do. Your idea’s fantastic. ” Every artist should have a buddy system. Hell an entire network of people standing behind them cheering them on over the next obstacle. I recommend everyone get out there and find one. Seriously, Now, Hop to it!

P.S.S. Radio Roulette is also awesome on your iPhone/iPad. Simply go to all albums and hit the shuffle button and take the ride. That is as long as you like you’re own music.

Have a fabulous weekend. See you Monday!


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Something Extra

Zedd-Clarity ft Foxes

Image: Apartment 34