The Weekend ~ 7/26/13


Do you want an update on the shed? No! Well good, since it’s still lying unfinished about my back yard. I decided to hire my roommate’s son to build it for me and save myself the time and effort. (Please read lazy.) Unfortunately he called me Saturday morning to let me know he had gotten sick. So I prepped the back with a good weed whacking and then decided to wait until he was available. Perhaps this weekend!

As far as the quail drawings…well…they’re coming along but I am not nearly as excited as I was drawing the snails. Weird since I think snails are generally slimy. Did you know the newest trend in facials is snails? I seriously question people’s sanity these days.

To make matters worse I got a computer virus on Monday that took over my web browser. So I was computerless all week as they cleansed it. So you might guess that my design work has fallen to the wayside. Hard to complete the illustration for a Toile fabric design without Photoshop or Illustrator, scanner or printer.

So if you read my blog you know my day job is in finance. I often try to keep this part of my life separate from the creative side, such duality. Oddly yesterday afternoon my two worlds collided. Please make sure to check next week’s Rogue Illustration to see how.

Now, back to the day job and this weeks rant. Over the last 12 plus years I’ve noticed there is most definitely a trend of opening joint accounts with the husband’s name first, wife second. Like I said the world of finance is still old school in so many ways. I have a myriad of financial lectures for women and God Bless Suze Orman for giving a ton of them.

Anyway, whenever new clients come in, especially married couples, I open their joint account using the social security of whomever the money belongs to. As an example, one of my clients’ recently gifted money to his 9 children. All of them where married and decided to place it in joint accounts. (I’ll spare you this lecture). So I opened the joint accounts placing his children first, whether the daughter or the son, as is my standard way. However in the rare cases where the wife is indeed listed first my bosses always set up the client profile inside our systems listing the husband first anyway. Drives me crazy and constantly conflicts with the paperwork, how I set them up. Having just mailed out quarterly statements I was forced to reconcile the inconsistencies, the cover letter doesn’t match the label which doesn’t match the statements headings.

Then yesterday we brought on a new client. I was instructed to open a new joint account. Yes husband first, wife second. Go figure. Well guess what?! My bosses assumed wrong and I had to redo all the paperwork after they arrived. Hallelujah! This was one strong gal. I wonder if they will automatically make the same assumption next time… probably so. But as she so corrected them, women rule. She certainly made my day.


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