The Weekend ~ 7/12/13 ~ Visionary

So over the past two weeks my rant about height turned to my response “I am sorry you are limited by your eye sight. That’s a shame”. Then Monday I discovered this video where Dustin Hoffman describes, with beauty and grace, this very epiphany discovered during his process of filming Tootsie. It has since gone viral which proves the sentiment is universal. So if you’ve already seen the video…….well then, watch it again!

On a side note I love that an entire movie sprang to life with a simple question between friends. How would you be different if you had been born a woman? Much like When Harry Met Sally arose from the simple question can men and women be friends.

So how do you break free from the programming, the expectations, the traditions, and the belief systems you have adopted and imprinted over your lifetime? Stop living in fear. Stop seeking approval from others. Stop judging a book by its cover, your own or another.

For there is no physical expression for the beauty that lay within me. The prism of my light and shadow dance to my own kaleidoscope. One that I dare you to see.

Oel ngati kameie- I see you. One of my favorite things about the movie Avatar, the way in which they greeted one another. To open the mind and the heart to the present, to embrace everything you encounter as if for the first time. I believe this desire to be seen by another human being is deeply ingrained, universal.

The eyes cannot truly see the whole picture but thankfully consciousness is blissfully unaware of this blind spot. The key is to look through the heart, to tap into your deeper knowingness and trust it to guide you, an awakening will surely occur. Or as Antoine de Saint Exupéry wrote, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. So open you heart and begin to see the world anew.

If you have yet to read Kristin’s Tuesday Talent interview, please do so. Then check out her blog post today about the wasps fascinating life within a figue. I was amazed by nature’s divinity unseen but nonetheless miraculous. It fascinated me in a wholly deeper way. Metaphysically the wasp is the master architect, a symbol of fertility, productivity, of evolution. That fact it is literally absorbed into the fig imbues its meaning into the fruit. So says me.  No wonder the fig tree is seen as sacred, for it is where Buddha found enlightenment. Oh that it could be so easy. So the next time you bite into a fig ponder: Are you expressing yourself more clearly? Are you aligned with your goals? Are you living up to your greatest potential? Because that is what the wasp DNA is asking you to do.

Now, I owe an apology to my fellow poets at the writer’s café. I have been remiss this week with quarterly reports filling up my work day and exhausting me by evenings approach. So I promise this weekend I will find time to get through the 40 plus read requests sitting in my inbox. I just haven’t had the energy to dedicate to proper reviews.

I’ve also been hired to do another design first, a fabric print for inside hand bags. Thanks again to my friend DT and her business partner Sasha for their faith in my artistic abilities. So this project needs my attention this weekend for sure. I am very excited to dive into it. We’ll see if I still feel this way come Monday after I have tackled the unknown.

I submitted an entry for the Powell’s Books Bag design competition. Wish me luck.

So till Monday

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