Tuesday Talent ~ Kristin Espinasse

If you read my post on Friday you already know today’s feature is none other then Kristin Espinasse from the blog French Word-A-Day. Her blog is tailor made for the francophile. Trust me I speak from firsthand knowledge. 

When I first found Kristin’s blog I felt a pang for her life. She made her way from Arizona to Aix-en-Provence, met and married her husband, affectionately referred to as Chief Grape,  who began a successful winery in Provence where they have raised their two kids. Sounds like a fairy-tale right?

But for me it’s Kristin’s unabashed honesty that drew me to her posts time and again, besides the French lessons which I also can’t get enough of. I subsequently read both her books. So without further ado I give you Kristin in her own words.

French Word A Day Color1

I am an Arizona native who followed her heart to France. 20 years later and I’m still moved by the beauty of this country — its people, its landscapes and its language.

Who inspires Kristin

Everyone inspires me… when I pay attention.

What Kristin does

I try to take that inspiration and share it via stories. Because words are a source of inspiration, as well as people, I combine the two at my language blog, called French Word-A-Day.

What Kristin Does best

When it comes to following my writing dream, I am disciplined. So far, I’ve managed to send out a regular stream of stories. Lately I’ve slacked off … in favor of a lackadaisically-paced summer. I’m telling myself not to worry–that during the “time-off” my work continues to evolve, if not on paper then on the desk-top of my mind.

What other profession Kristin would like to attempt

That’s a hard one! Currently I am excited about permaculture and forest gardening…. can’t see enough YouTube videos on the topic!

What turns Kristin on creatively, spiritually or emotionally

Acts of kindness to others or to oneself.

Where to find Kristin

www.French-word-a-day.com — and thanks for looking for me!

Or her two books

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Where Kristin got her Talent/Education

If I have talent, I have managed to push aside the self-critic… in time to reach up and catch some of the words streaming through the river of my mind. As for education, I went to Arizona State University, where I majored in French.

Finally borrowing from Bernard Pivot- If  Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Relax! Everyone made it in!”


Image: (1) FWD by DCT- Please note I included her husband affectionately referred to as Chief Grape.

***This is  a regular feature on my blog. Tuesday Talent Interviews are designed to introduce you to a myriad of incredible artisans. Make sure to check out the others. Enjoy!


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      • I wish we could see each other sometime! Heidi and I almost met when she was in Longmont, but her schedule got very tight, and we had to postpone our meeting. I’m thinking of taking my daughter, Christy, to Provence next year to retrace the wonderful trip my husband I took before passed away.

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