The Weekend ~ 6/21/13 ~ Amazonian Warrior Cry


So I promise more croquis next week. I know… I know ….you have heard it all before.

So today I have a rant of sorts. Recently some men in my life (who shall remain anonymous) informed me in casual swagger that they believed tall women should diminish their height and short women should accentuate theirs.

Say What?!!

Did I hear them right? This is the polite version of what actually ran through my head.

Now a little bit of background:
I am 6’ 1”, was 5’ 11” in 8th grade. I love being tall. I would be taller if I could be.

I can’t wear high heels anymore per doctors’ orders (back surgery). I love high heels (for very short spurts). Because let’s be honest Ladies they are painful contraptions. And I do not subscribe to the beauty is pain theory. Beauty is all about being comfortable in your skin and letting your true self shine through. Or so I preach.

I was frustrated growing up by the fact that, to me, it seemed that tall men loved little ladies. So I decided if I ruled the world, which thankfully for all of you I don’t, there would be a height range regulation set for dating. Simply put, there could be no more than a 6” height difference between men and women. So guys if your 6’ 3” you cannot date a woman shorter than 5’ 9”. I always thought this was more than fair.

Now my friends and roommates at 5’ 4” (especially K who managed the football team) would protest. But that means they get men as tall as 5’ 10” without breaking any laws. And if I learned anything as a model; men lie about their height. Most say 6ft. They mean 5’ 10”. Women lie too so don’t get too indignant. And Yes, I know you can’t control who you’re attracted to so this theory is not logical by any means but it was my silent decree in my imaginary world.

So with all that said. I was pissed. Did these Men that I respect just single handedly diminish all women? At least those of us that are above or below average height. And since the average woman is 5’ 4” I was offended for us all.

As if our beauty had to be changed in order for them to be men, for us to be feminine. The Goldilocks’ syndrome- Did we fall into their concept of just right? I wanted to march in the next day wearing 6” platforms but this was of course childish and forbidden.

So I am doing the next best thing. Posting a rant on my blog and a picture I drew of my best kick ass high heel.

So Take that!

Until next week……. walk with your heads tall! (and forever after)


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3 thoughts on “The Weekend ~ 6/21/13 ~ Amazonian Warrior Cry

  1. Ok so I was randomly clicking blog links and ended up on this one because well I loved the picture! Anywho this has been a struggle of mine my entire life. I grew up around a short Mom who made me feel insecure about my height couple that with being the tallest person in my class for years and it lead to me being insecure about my height. I would hunch over to make myself seem shorter and I preferred dating virtually first so my height wouldn’t scare off men. My driver’s license even says I am a mere 5’8 a lie to anyone who knows me. It has taken me years to be able to stand straight and enjoy my ability to grab anything off of any shelf. In recent years I even (once in a blue moon) slip into some tall heels just to prove I can. Love your honesty in the posts as usual you are a badass!


    A Fan

  2. #1 – Tall women are awesome. So are short ones. If a guy says anything about how tall women “should diminish their height”, the translation is: “I’m terribly insecure of my own height and my confidence overall, please reduce yourself so as to not unsettle my precariously teetering self esteem”.

    #2 – that’s a fantastic video. Love it.

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