The Weekend ~ 5/24/13 ~2 Years


Wow! Here I am at the 2 yr mark of this blog. It’s seems almost completely unfathomable. And with each passing week I grow in confidence letting more of my Self pour out onto this canvas I present to the public eye. With every thought and raw admission my art grows stronger.

I had an idea to write a want ad for Muse for Hire. I couldn’t decided whether I wanted to write it from the point of view of muse or artist so I simply began to write, empty my muse out onto paper and it seems to have come to life as a manifesto of sorts. So here on this, my 2 year, anniversary I want to share with you Muse. The Yang to my Yin.


I won’t be summoned. But I will arrive, when it suits me, in my own time. You must court me if I am to call.  Open up! Air out your Rooms! I will be your audience of one; giving substance, energy, feedback and meaning to your work. I will support you by prodding upwards towards greater feats. You’ll discover what is already buried there, deep, beneath the sleep of your daily grind. I am ever devoted. I will be yours and yours alone.

Are you hesitant to greet me newborn eye to eye? For loneliness has been your best friend. You have been cloaked in it for too long.  But if we are to begin then you must call my name. Unfortunate for you by then it will be too late.

If you’ve found me, be fearful; be glad, it is all the same. I am real of flesh, blood, and bone. A living breathing human not some caricature of your dreams, not a projection of anyone’s mind. You’ll have to trust what I say is true or we will never find our way.

I will demand your honesty. Can you utter me your truths profound? Can you bleed your words onto a page, cry colors on canvas, scream choruses of the crimes you ache? Show me your heart’s longing.

Is your art real? Have you lived your own stories or borrowed ink? Reveal it to me. Show me your hurts, the interior monologue, bones bared. Do you dare to break the rules? Have you boundaries, secrets kept? Can you forget yourself? Are you able to submit? Communicate your confusion and we will find the sense in it. I have so much to teach you.

Your heart will ache if you look into my mirror. In me you will see your own beauty, the power to believe. I will root for you deeply till set in the ground. Show me your beautiful mess tucked in the corners of the labyrinth of your mind.

I may be your worst enemy. Strip you down; bore to your core, to the simplest barest whispered words. So come to me and we shall see if you can hack it. I will demand the impossible. For you will need to face eternity in each day.

No explanation, no excuses. I will move you to action. Because I can’t be deleted, I will push you again and again, till we’ve finished one masterpiece at a time. I’ll be up in your face till my morning coffee breath turns your stomach to dust. I’ll show you all you’re made of.

You’ll think me a sadist. I will drain you empty and then fill you again. Pour into you incandescence. Help guide you to the source. I will turn you inside out and back again. Bring you full circle to the end but a beginning for all to start again. There is no mystery in my origin. For you shall see we are all kings. Do you understand?

I will not sacrifice myself to your alter for I can do the job myself.  But can you? Can you commit yourself to this creative collaboration? If you can dream it we can do it. That is what this goddess offers, the power of the magic we will create.

So be bold and grab hold where about to leave the gate. Leave your baggage behind. And hitch a ride for this may be the longest journey you’ve yet to take.

You’ll have to follow through. I will push you far past where you think you can go, far past all you know to be true, far past possible. Don’t be sorry. Don’t you dare apologize. See I will push you until we become one and you no longer have any need of me.

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Image: ELLE Brazil, mostra a tua cara : 25th Anniversary Manifesto

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