I love hats. Always have. But for as much as I love them, and continue to buy them, I don’t wear them as frequently as I should. Okay… Okay… rarely. I tend to like cloches, sleek and clean. Though my friends tell me that my stature cries for a large brimmed creation.

With the Kentucky Derby just past and the Great Gatsby about to come out into the theaters this week I figured now would be the perfect time for a post dedicated to hats.

I am not bold enough to wear any of these amazing hat creations by Anja Caliendo as illustrated by Leonid Gurevich but they are serious fun!

The word milliner is used and abused..sticking a feather on a fastener or ‘diamonti’ trimings on a hairband does not make it millinery…which brings me to the designs of Michael Leong, an institution in the Irish Fashion industry, and her bold creations.

I love the birds circling. I feel that way some days. Like a cartoon character who just got knocked on the head.

Or these amazing hats by milliner extraordinaire, Marilena Romeo. A  Melbourne local, Marilena shot to the heights of the millinery world in 1992, when three of her hats came in the top 10 at the “Le Grand Prix of Hats (the outstanding Millinery Design Award). Love big feathers.
Yearly I attend  the show of Wayne Wichern & Daria Wheatley showcasing their distinctive handcrafted millinery. Each year I find plenty of temptations. Here’s a sneak peek.

And in case this has left you needing more read this great article on How to Wear Hats
Images: (1) Leon’s Escapades (2) Flikr, (3) Micheal Leong (4) Paisley St. Claire  (5) Wayne Wichern