The Weekend 4/19/13

Well as you can tell it has been a short week here on the blog.

As the world outside spun into chaos, so to it seems did my personal life. In the midst of the ever final push of tax season and quarterly statement production at my 9-5, I awoke Wednesday morning unable to move my neck at all. After nearly passing out from the pain I made my way to the ER (for the first time in my life) only to be informed it is quite common. I suffered from torticollis or “wry” neck.

I asked the Doc if this was because I was getting old. He said “no” it was quite common with teenagers who are startled awake from their alarm clock and turn their head too quickly, or when you sleep too long in an odd position or with a bad pillow. Well none of these were me. Just lucky I guess.

This was not an ER worthy visit. At least not in my upbringing. I felt like a fool. The ER was reserved for bleeding, broken bones, basically much more than simply a stuck neck. But I was sure I had slipped a disk due to the pain. I had been there before.

Nonetheless, a prescription for pain pills, instructions to take it easy, apply heat or ice whichever provides more relief and then wait for it to resolve itself. Wait a good 5-7 days.

Torticollis…….sounds like I should have kept my head under the covers, buried in my shell. I suspect there is a much more personal, emotional message in here for me to surmise.

Well hopefully next week will be better and I will be posting more. Til’ then.

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