The Weekend ~4/5/13


The Weekend is here and full of goodness. I have a friend in town visiting from Canada, another friend just returned home from Chicago, bridge this weekend with a wonder group of ladies, and breakfast with Terry from NYFA to finish up the final runway order for the upcoming student Fashion Show. There is more on my to-do list then I usually allow… especially this time of year. But I am actually eager for the weekend and I haven’t felt that for awhile. So it’s nice.

My article Croquis Part II continues to remain my most read blog entry every week. So in hopes of encouraging you to visit some of my older work I’m including a Blast from this Blogs Past. Please visit Sabbath & Community.

Till then as usual here is…..

The Weekend Reading List


Rogue Illustration #9- little miss sunshine in the rain

RI-Sunshine in the rain

I saw this gal strolling down the road the other day. Her scarf and demeanor looked like sunshine amidst the rain. In perfect Seattleite fashion umbrella defiantly swinging from her arm she seemed to mock the rain drops. Her yellow and grey scarf smiled back.