Favorite Things #3


Here are a few of the things I have been coveting lately.

Listening Pleasure~ Josh Groban’s latest All That Echoes. Really anything by Josh will suffice.

Pencil Dress by Asos Collection~ I want this dress. With the below the knee length, pooch concealing pleats and elbow length sleeves it is a perfect dress for my office. It even comes in a beautiful coral color. Unfortunately they are out of my size. The only option would be to take out my sewing machine and make one. Mind you it may be guaranteed to fit well, but I would never be able to bring it in at the sale price of $33. Yikes! Too bad they only have small sizes left. Ugh! What’s a gal to do?

Cloche~ I love hats. Buy them often but don’t wear them nearly enough. I tend to have a fondness for the cloche. However my friends insist my frame demands a large brim.

iPhone covers~ I may have to begin trading phone covers out like purses if I keep finding ones I like so much. Besides it is a fashion illustration. Enough said. This is the current favorite I am sporting by a fabulous illustrator.

Shoes~ Even though I’m no longer supposed to wear heels I can’t seem to resist them….and seriously anything leopard or Zebra would be fun.

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