Photo Pair-To the other side

A little something differ this time. Don’t look too closely though… It needs to be reworked in Photoshop so I can take the time to fade the edges of my photo gradually back to white aligning the arches. But you get the concept I was imagining.


*In case you aren’t yet familiar with my regular feature, Photo pairs are designed to show one of my photographs alongside a fashion editorial image. I hope you enjoy. I tried something a little different with this one.

Images: Here and Taj by DCT

The Piscean

Happy Birthday Pisces!

This is an image of the Messier 74 galaxy captured by the Hubble telescope. It resides 32 million light years away, in the direction of the Pisces constellation. Don’t you just want to go for a swim?  It is estimated to contain about 100 billion stars, slightly less than our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Awhile back I designed a series of necklaces based on the constellations. Here is Pisces. I hope to actually make this someday. Or if you’re a jewelry designer and want to make it for me. Please say so. I would gladly leave it to an expert.

Piscean necklace

Lastly for any fellow fish here is a little more listening pleasure from Hey Ocean! I’ve decided that their song Fish is the official theme song for a Piscean.

But Big Blue Wave is my own personal anthem.

Image: Galaxy

The Weekend ~ 3/15/13


We are heading into the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Perhaps you will be celebrating with green beer or like me a smooth pint of Guiness (mmmmmm…) and birthday celebrations.

My day job has been moving at an unbelievable pace.  My workload tremendous; I hope to carve out some quiet time to finish up my artwork half finished. And some much needed rest.

My designs for the Modcloth design challenge where not chosen. However, the winners will be posted at today onto Modcloth’s facebook page. Check them out and vote for your favorites.

Here is a picture of the type of design I invisioned for the fabric but due to construction and complicated piecing did not submit for the contest.

Mcloth web


And a video worth watching. Empathy. See if you make it through tearless. I didn’t.

Until Next Week……Here are some things to check out.

Weekend Reading List:

        • Context~A New Design App ~ Fast Company ~This App was created by Joshua Distler designer of livesurface (a library of high resolution layered images with embedded 3D surfaces). Context allows designers to mock up 3D product presentations in seconds. Must have this!
        • Top 10 Best Things to do with Toilet Rolls ~ Russell Deasley ~Russell’s website is packed with as aptly named the Top 10 of Anything and Everything. And who doesn’t wonder what to do with toilet paper rolls?
        • Humurous life Musings ~ Dampsquid ~The world of Alex Manya. Make sure to strap yourself in for the mind trip but I promise you’ll giggle at least once or twice….at least I do.
        • Recipe for Fried Goat Cheese Croquettes ~ VMac & Cheese ~ So seriously if you’ve never had one you should. Of course my salad would nix the tomatoes substitute beets. Hmmm…
        • Why not…Find Your Je Ne Sais Quoi? ~ SLL

Images: All Mine

Photographer~ Anka Zhuravleva

I came across Anka Zhuravleva’s work on Chase Jarvis’s blog. He had one of her images from her distorted reality series under Inspiration which linked to her flickr photostream. It was a feast for the senses.

I made my way from there to her website only to discover she paints and draws as well.

Good God I was struck smack between the eyes. I have an artist crush. No doubt she falls under inspiration. I think I’m in love. What do you think?



Lunchtime Doodles update

80ee32283adf590e9266d7b651254fc2 (1)I have been doing doodles occasionally and posting the quick sketches to my Pinterest Board. This is the latest inspired by JC Crew’s Liberty toothpick jean in Tresco Floral. The best part was being able to utilize all the highlighters in my desk.

I also fleshed out and colored my first lunchtime doodle P.S. I Love You and posted it to my etsy store as a Print. I think she turned out pretty good.