The Weekend 3/22/13 ~ Running Away

A bunch of people I know keep telling me I need a vacation. But I don’t want to go anywhere. I would much rather stay home these days…Honestly most days.

For me it is more often an overwhelming urge to run away entirely and start from scratch. For anyone who has watched Angel Eyes you know what scratch means. I just can’t figure out where I would go. Besides I know it really wouldn’t change a thing. So I stay put.

So for now the internet and other people’s videos will do the trick.

With each one I take a mini vacation and grab a glimpse into another persons world. Here I can meet interesting people like Paul from Grammercy Tywriter Company in city’s I love like NY.

Or walk the streets of a city I yearn to visit.

Or see places I know I will never visit but find none the less beautiful and apparently cheeky.


I hope you have a weekend full of day dreams about the places you will go!

Image: vmacandcheese

One thought on “The Weekend 3/22/13 ~ Running Away

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