The Weekend ~ 3/1/13 Oh Vey!

Heading into the weekend (and March) I thought I would share an eclectic mix of goodies that stood out to me this week; from the importance of taking a sabbatical and rebooting your creative energies to the Rubik’s Cheese Cube. I suppose we should start there… Mod cloth’s Rubik’s Cheese Cube recipe.


For a little weekend fun give it a whirl. To be honest I’m not sure it isn’t simply that it includes Tipsy Cheddar and is served with Pumpernickel Bread that delights me so. I have a thing for certain words and Pumpernickel is one of them along with plethora and bodacious.  Oh and anything Yiddish. I mean really is there another language in the world which contains words that simply sound like an expression of its meaning?

Seriously! Perhaps I am completely meshugenah but it is a kibbitz worth topic. You might be surprised at the Yiddish that has made it to everyday language; bagel, lox and smear (just an appetizer). But other words like klutz, glitch, nosh, and schlep. Just hearing the words makes me verklempt. I could just plotz.

I love chutzpah though I understand to the Yiddish it denotes arrogance not confidence but as a goy perhaps I see very little difference between the two in our world today. But I just know someone with Chutzpah could kick a little ass if needed. Don’t kvetsh! Be Happy! All this mishegas is nearly over.

Oy vey…my favorite daily expression. One that my friend DT says makes me an honorary Jew. I assure you I use it religiously. Perhaps this is why she constantly wants to play Yente and ends up with bupkes! I refuse to date.

It might be growing up on the east coast, being of German descent or that some of my nearest and dearest girlfriends were jewish. Whatever the cause, the effect is an extensive Yiddish vocabulary. Here is a very small list of some more words that find their way into my speech; maven, huck, schmutz, schnoz, shtick, tchatchke, tukhus or tushy, kosher, bupkis, mensch, noodge , zaftig and kvell.

Okay the last two less often but I like them. Zaftig sounds luscious and juicy and should make any rubenesque woman kvell with pride. I regularly read a blog French Word-A-Day.  Now I want someone to write Yiddish Word-A-Day. Perhaps I should make it a regular post here on my blog.

That aside over. Here is a little food for thought over the weekend. Check out Stefan Sagmeister’s The Power of Time Off.

Then check out NYFW 2013 as sketched by Casey Otremba. She won’t disappoint.

And as always I leave you with….

Weekend Reading List: