The Weekend 3/29/13~Bunny Hop


The Weekend is here and for me starting early. I fall among the few lucky ones that get Good Friday off from work. And boy do I need it.

I know I know……It’s good Friday, Lent for goodness sakes heading into Easter. It should be much more then simply a holiday but what I can I say…..I tell it like it is. And for me today was  a day spent running errands and catching up on home repairs. I even bought myself some new CDs like this one. I wish the concept of music sitcom dramas existed when I was a performance art major/musical theater nerd. That would be my career of choice. Right up there with Country music singer. So you can imagine that Glee, Smash and Nashville are on my weekly must watch list.

I bought this weeks New Yorker magazine for the cover. It is fabulous! Of course I couldn’t find it at my local magazine store so I purchased it online. Only to come across it today on my way out and about town. That was a bummer….I could have saved myself the shipping costs.

Last week we officially moved into spring with the only snow of the year. But today and the remainder of the weekend may prove to bring spring into full bloom. But with spring for me beckons the urge to clean, organize and pair down. So if you are like me and want to have a garage sale then you should read this great article Why not… have a yard sale? by Simply Luxurious Life.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Here are some things to check out of read over the weekend.

Light Lovers ~ Printmatters ~ A creative do-it-yourself project using negatives to create artistic light fixtures.

Maiden Nation ~ A creative collective where internationally empowered women blend beautiful handmade ethical goods with the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Behind the Scenes~VMac & Cheese ~Victoria does a series on her blog called Behind the Scenes introducing you to the various spouses supporting the bloggers. If like my Tuesday Talent entries I think you’ll like her variation as well.

Living With Your Boyfriend vs. BFF vs. Alone ~ Thought Catalog ~ This delightful post takes you through the various misadventures of opening jars, interacting with the cat and cooking dinner. I assure you no matter which category you live in you will be amused.

Fashion Sketchbook by Bina Abling~ this amazing 49 page preview of her sixth edition with Fairchild Publications covers most of the basics of drawing garments. Check it our and then buy the book.

Never~ An Independent Film


While browsing the web pages of a local Seattle Illustrator I like Stasia Burrington I came across her movie poster designs for an independent film Never set here in Seattle. I love the poster, the movie preview and concept. Can’t wait to see the entire movie. Check it out!

The Weekend 3/22/13 ~ Running Away

A bunch of people I know keep telling me I need a vacation. But I don’t want to go anywhere. I would much rather stay home these days…Honestly most days.

For me it is more often an overwhelming urge to run away entirely and start from scratch. For anyone who has watched Angel Eyes you know what scratch means. I just can’t figure out where I would go. Besides I know it really wouldn’t change a thing. So I stay put.

So for now the internet and other people’s videos will do the trick.

With each one I take a mini vacation and grab a glimpse into another persons world. Here I can meet interesting people like Paul from Grammercy Tywriter Company in city’s I love like NY.

Or walk the streets of a city I yearn to visit.

Or see places I know I will never visit but find none the less beautiful and apparently cheeky.


I hope you have a weekend full of day dreams about the places you will go!

Image: vmacandcheese