Starry Night

I came across these images by Thierry Cohen on the New York Times Website. He imagined Cities without light pollution. Helping the urbanite to dream again he superimposed starry sky’s from other locations on the same latitudes to spectacular effect.

If all the lights went out I would climb to the roof of a skyscraper, bring a picnic and bath under the stars. As a youngster one of my fondest memories was an evening spent in Vermont lying head to head with my dearest BFF at the time Betsy Lovejoy watching a meteor shower rain down over Lake Champlain. Spectacular. These photos took me back.

Now mind you I am not hoping for a world-wide blackout. 2012 DA14 can just move on by…

Starry-Night-Hong-Kong-Thierry-Cohen-via-Seventeenth-&-Irving Starry-Night-New-York-Thierry-Cohen-via-Seventeenth-&-Irving Starry-Night-Paris-Thierry-Cohen-via-Seventeenth-&-Irving Starry-Night-San-Francisco-Thierry-Cohen-via-Seventeenth-&-Irving Starry-Night-Tokyo-Thierry-Cohen-via-Seventeenth-&-Irving

A Rose by any other name

As Shakespeare’s Juliet reminds us it matters not what something is called only what it is, “For a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Or as Gertrude Stein so aptly put it, ” A Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

Well I call her Flamenco Rose. My flower on this Valentine’s Day!
Flamenco Rose Low res