Make The Cut Contest

I have never entered any contests before but when I saw the “Make the Cut Contest” on Mod cloth I figured why not. They provided this rainbow-striped swatch of fabric.



It was probably the stripes that drew me in or simply the bright colors. But instantly a rainbow lollipop sprang to mind. I began sketching. My first iterations involved complicated cuts playing on the stripes to create a swirled effect like the lollipop.


In the end I came back to the basics. Simple..clean…The youthful innocence of fun on the boardwalk; summers spent at the shore. Cotton candy, skee-ball, ferris wheels and walking hand and hand on the beach.

What do you think?

MC entry MC1 MC2If I had it my way. This would be printed onto canvas and made into the coolest pair of converse hightops ever and named “Pippi”.

One thought on “Make The Cut Contest

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