The Weekend ~ 2/22/13


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekend post so I thought it was about time.

My first attempt at a giveaway turned out to be a dismal failure. So I took things into my own hands and changed the giveaway to a random gift. Since no one ever made any guesses on the song she’s listening to (FYI was My Funny Valentine) I decided to give 5 X 7 prints of my sketch to the two lovely ladies that liked the item on my Etsy Store. So my lovely admirers Amanda & Brie  are soon to receive their spontaneous gift. They are in the mail as we speak.

The interesting thing is that I found this to be even more fun….for me that is. I think I need to seek out other random acts of kindness in my daily life.

I have also begun to post my lunchtime doodles on Pinterest. I will still post them here from time to time but you can find the majority of them over at Pinterest.

So heading into the weekend here are a few gems worth sharing.

  • For your listening pleasure and I truly do mean pleasure meet Rebecca Ferguson.

    Weekend Reading List:

    Lastly if you are looking for a little distraction I recommend Coco before Chanel. I recently watched it(again). If you haven’t seen and love Chanel it is definitely worth checking out.

  • I plan to have more posts next week of the artwork I have been working on. And I intend to post my newest greeting cards to me store.

    Till then have a great weekend!

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