To the Dogs

I met this gal the other day while grabbing lunch. As we stood in line waiting to order her campanion eagerly awaited her return outside. From time to time darting dangerous close to knocking down the sandwich board posting daily specials.

So of course I had to sketch her up. For me there is something so satisfying about drawing people I come across along my daily routine. Capturing a Moment in the life of……kind of thing.

After which I instantly flashed back to this editorial from Vogue Germany March 2010.

What is it about people and their pets? Do we chose a pet that reflects/speaks to our personality or after a while do we begin to look like our pets? Perhaps our pets begin to look like us. Regardless, this gal seemed friendly, energetic and fit, so maybe there is something to the theory. Like I shared in Nicknames I can live with the moniker “gentile giant” but No I won’t be going out to get a Great Dane. My dog was an Akita, tall and hairy.

2 thoughts on “To the Dogs

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