The Weekend 5/11/12 ~ Moms,Fashion Icons


Long before they were our mothers;

Before the era of fashion blogging;

When we thought they had no clue about our lives, about who we were.

They had their own fights over hair length and skirt length with their mother’s.

They had a whole life already lived.

Our Mothers were fashionable.

Piper Weiss write’s a blog dedicated to this idea of Mom’s as style icons, the fashions of our mothers. So to celebrate all the fashionable mothers out there watch the trailer for her book.

Then make sure to check out the White Cabinet where Liz Glasgow has dedicated an entire blog to the Fashion Illustrations of her mother Linda Glasgow.

When all is said and done I am sure you will search through old photos or look to your mother’s closet for design inspiration. If nothing else remember Mothers are fashion icons. Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s too!

Enjoy the weekend! Honor your Mothers. They brought you into this world. And as they remind….can take you out. To the Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day…see you Monday.


Weekend Reading List:

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