The Weekend ~ 3/9/12

Shannon Ables of the Simply Luxurious life asked this week Why Not….Unplug? I thought to myself….Why not?

So that is exactly what I plan to do. For the next week I am going to unplug from the world to recharge. Take time for a little self care and distance myself as best I can from technology.

This will be a challenge since my iPhone and I are inseparable. It is my alarm clock after all. Unfortunately I can’t get away from my day job at the moment (tax season) which means technology (computer, fax and email) will be involved in my day.

That makes the blog and my personal life the most obvious area to focus on disconnecting. So for the next week no personal internet searches, no television (this is an unbelievably difficult challenge on its own), and no blogging (reading or writing).

I plan to read the books piled on my bedside table, draw lots of goodies, write (with a pen and paper) and use my new camera that has been sorely neglected. Maybe I’ll even send a friend a hand written note.  Oh My!

Did I say NO television? I am already beginning to question this decision. Good thing I am stubborn and stick to my guns. Every personality trait has its positive and negative aspects. I believe a week off will do me good. And then who knows what I will have upon my return.

So until the 19th I leave you with this week’s Reading list.

Weekend Reading List:

Image: Here

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