Year of The Dragon

I have been told more than once that I should be Chinese. Perhaps it is my sometimes superstitious nature or the fact that my favorite number is 8 (even, symmetrical and easily divided). My Chiropractor said that I described my aches and pains like his Chinese grandmother not his other patients. That said I have always had an interest in Chinese Astrology and the celebration of the Chinese New Year. In the  spirit of the dragon I created this drawing  to usher out the year of the Rabbit and welcomed in the Year of the Dragon.

People born under the dragon are said to be passionate, self-assured and meant to pioneer in whatever they do. This creature of myth is believed to be a symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. And 2012 is a water dragon year. The element of Water calms the dragon’s fiery nature making them more intuitive and less in need of the spotlight.

It is said that dragons are compatible with the monkey and rat. As a water rat myself I hope this year has a forward momentum. That I can tap into the self-assured pioneering energy of the dragon and breathe fire into my own creative life.  Like the dragon I thrive on freedom. So perhaps this year will bring with it a break from the restrictions that blow out the creative spark. That the free-spirited nature of the dragon will ignite the flame for creative inspiration.

Perhaps you will celebrate with fireworks, sparklers, digest a mandarin orange for good fortune or receive a little red envelope with cash. However you choose to celebrate I hope the dragon breathes fire into your life in 2012.