Tuesday Talent ~ Heather Kraft


So when I sat down to sketch this very talented lady I wanted something that encapsulated Material + Movement, her company name. As an artist and dancer Heather Kraft embodies both. Even her Art captures the essense of fluidity.

Heather explains ,”Being of this generation as an artist, I’m driven to re-invent our idea of the heirloom. To take disregarded objects and re invent them in a contemporary and dynamic form, makes them once again accessible; to help people regain a consciousness of the objects in their lives.

I have created a line of simple and elegant jewelry composed of vintage and contemporary porcelain tableware. Using the composition on the plate, elements are cut out and carved into simple shapes. These shapes are then arranged into compositions informed not only by each element but the imagery on their surface. The pieces are fabricated using gold and silver findings.”


Who inspires Heather

Innovative designers such as Ram Dieter, and Bruce Mau, and anyone who strives for excellence in all that they do and encourages others to do so.


What Heather does

I blow glass, teach dance, drink scotch, listen to blues, practice yoga, ride my bike, and make jewelry!


What Heather Does best

I look at ways to make things better, or rather make more sense. Also I think I’m pretty good at dancing in my living room when nobody is looking.


What other profession Heather would like to attempt

I’d love to be a human rights lobbyist and fight “the man”.


What turns Heather on creatively, spiritually or emotionally

I love to study the way the human body moves, and its interaction with other bodies. Dance is huge for me, I’d love to get a dance history degree someday. I’m also attracted to compositions of similar objects, like the work of sculptors Tom Friedman and Tara Donovan.


Where to find Heather

Most nights I’m practicing dance at various venues around Seattle, or in my new art studio in the Salty Dog Building in the Ballard neighborhood. You can find more of me at www.materialandmovement.com


Where Heather got her Talent/Education

I think my talent found me before I could walk; I’ve always been an artist. I received my BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta.


Finally borrowing from Bernard Pivot- If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

I’m not sure exactly but I think he’d have some explaining to do.



Image: (1) Portrait by DCTdesigns (2) Necklace-Material + Movement

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