The Weekend ~ 01/06/2012

3 Wise men following the star.

Today many countries around the world are celebrating the Ephiphany, Three King’s Day or Twelth Night. January 6th marks the offical end to the season’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” (December 25th- January 6th) and the start of Carnival culminating at Mardi Gras. The Epiphany or “revelation” brings with it the promise of renewal and manifestation. It is a celebration  of the arrival of the Magi (three Kings) who followed the star to Bethlehem bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and Myrrh to honor the Christ Child and of his baptism by St John.

Many will be partaking of King’s Cake or Gallette des Rois. Traditonally each Galette des Rois comes with its own paper crown and inside one fava bean or figurine of some kind. According to tradition, the oldest cuts the cake, and the youngest sits under the table and designates to whom each piece goes.  Whoever gets the bean is designated King or Queen for the day and gets to wear the paper crown.

Will you be King or Queen today?

Whatever your plans I hope you have a lovely weekend. As usual here is the weekend reading list. See you Monday.


Weekend Reading List:

Blog: An Afternoon With~ It is a visual (photographic) interview of creative individuals.

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