The Weekend ~ 12/23/11

 Happy Holidays!

The roots of the holiday season extend back to the Winter Solstice, a Celebration of the return of light.  Or in sanskirt, jyoti. Which springs into my mind as Joy to the world. Let light return to earth.

In celebration of LIGHT….. I wish for you the return of light into your lives and hearts in 2012.

Here are a few of my holiday sketches I haven’t had a chance to paint yet.

And of course the Weekend Reading List:

I’ll be back on Tuesday the 27th with a fabulous Tuesday Talent Interview.

Image: Ivory Lux


Steve Jobs


It is the holiday season and the gifts and cards have begun to arrive at our office.

Yesterday, Morgan Stanley’s bond desk sent us Steve Job’s Biography. I am first in line to read it. I don’t tend to be a non-fiction kind of gal but this one I am interested in cracking open.

When I got home I dove into the book and it began with a quote from this think different Commercial “Here’s to the crazy ones” narrated originally by Steve Jobs (this version never aired).