The Weekend 11/18/11

As a girl when I was feeling depressed or needed to get away from the world for a moment I loved to just float. I would go into the pool. The stillness and silence as my ears sunk beneath the water’s surface quieted my mind.

It has been a long time since I have had the luxury of floating away. Perhaps being lulled by Baby’s Boat as a little girl programmed me or simply by my very watery Piscean nature. Whatever the source this video took me back to my earliest method of self soothing. Long before I met my teacher and learned the art of meditation and how to truly sooth my soul.

This weekend I have a student Storyboard presentation and then much needed time at home. I have spent the better half of the week fighting with my alarm clock and late starts. I am hoping to catch up and have a better start next week. See you then.

Weekend Reading list:


A Work in Progress

This is another one of the coffee gals.  Her tattoo actually reads “A Constant work in progress” but my ability to write itty bitty cursive is not that good.

She told me she got the Chanel tattoo so when she dies she could guarantee she would be wearing Chanel. In real life there is  a quote from Emily Dickinson tattooed across her chest. I left it off this drawing. Maybe I’ll add  it  later.

Ralph Lauren Wedding



In May Oprah interviewed Ralph Lauren. He spoke about the wedding dress he was designing for his daughter Dylan. As a lover of Ralph Lauren particulary his Spring 2011 season I was looking forward to the dress.

During the interview his son David spoke of his upcoming wedding as well. At the time I did not know he was marrying Lauren Bush. I know… living under a rock as I do.

Now this dress was what I was expecting. More my stlye then the first. All I can say is this man can surely create beautiful dresses.



Images: Vogue


Epiphany~ New Freedom

It is funny how something so simple can free you up. Yesterday I was surfing the internet during my lunch break and came across a new blog Visual Basic. Rach does a series called blogger Sunday sketches. Where she draws looks from various fashion blogs. All I can say is WOW! Make sure to check out her site.

Since I have been lax at uploading my long promised how-to’s on croquis I thought the least I could do is share this link to her Sketch How to Tutorial. Or this one she did as a guest post.

So I began this post talking about freeing myself up. Well here was my mad epiphany while perusing her blog. I have tons of work mocked up in pencil. I never seem to get around to coloring anything and hence never share it. I keep talking to myself….chiding myself for not buckling down and getting work finished, ready to post. Bound by my perfectionism the pencil sketches keep piling up.

I looked at her work and realized all I have to do is flush out my pencils….add a little ink and share. This way I can share far more of my ideas without holding out to find the time to watercolor or digitally paint everything. So with this new found freedom in mind I hope I can be more productive. So watch out for more sketches in the future.