The Weekend 11/18/11

As a girl when I was feeling depressed or needed to get away from the world for a moment I loved to just float. I would go into the pool. The stillness and silence as my ears sunk beneath the water’s surface quieted my mind.

It has been a long time since I have had the luxury of floating away. Perhaps being lulled by Baby’s Boat as a little girl programmed me or simply by my very watery Piscean nature. Whatever the source this video took me back to my earliest method of self soothing. Long before I met my teacher and learned the art of meditation and how to truly sooth my soul.

This weekend I have a student Storyboard presentation and then much needed time at home. I have spent the better half of the week fighting with my alarm clock and late starts. I am hoping to catch up and have a better start next week. See you then.

Weekend Reading list:


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