The Weekend 11/18/11

As a girl when I was feeling depressed or needed to get away from the world for a moment I loved to just float. I would go into the pool. The stillness and silence as my ears sunk beneath the water’s surface quieted my mind.

It has been a long time since I have had the luxury of floating away. Perhaps being lulled by Baby’s Boat as a little girl programmed me or simply by my very watery Piscean nature. Whatever the source this video took me back to my earliest method of self soothing. Long before I met my teacher and learned the art of meditation and how to truly sooth my soul.

This weekend I have a student Storyboard presentation and then much needed time at home. I have spent the better half of the week fighting with my alarm clock and late starts. I am hoping to catch up and have a better start next week. See you then.

Weekend Reading list:


A Work in Progress

This is another one of the coffee gals.  Her tattoo actually reads “A Constant work in progress” but my ability to write itty bitty cursive is not that good.

She told me she got the Chanel tattoo so when she dies she could guarantee she would be wearing Chanel. In real life there is  a quote from Emily Dickinson tattooed across her chest. I left it off this drawing. Maybe I’ll add  it  later.