Ralph Lauren Wedding



In May Oprah interviewed Ralph Lauren. He spoke about the wedding dress he was designing for his daughter Dylan. As a lover of Ralph Lauren particulary his Spring 2011 season I was looking forward to the dress.

During the interview his son David spoke of his upcoming wedding as well. At the time I did not know he was marrying Lauren Bush. I know… living under a rock as I do.

Now this dress was what I was expecting. More my stlye then the first. All I can say is this man can surely create beautiful dresses.



Images: Vogue


Epiphany~ New Freedom

It is funny how something so simple can free you up. Yesterday I was surfing the internet during my lunch break and came across a new blog Visual Basic. Rach does a series called blogger Sunday sketches. Where she draws looks from various fashion blogs. All I can say is WOW! Make sure to check out her site.

Since I have been lax at uploading my long promised how-to’s on croquis I thought the least I could do is share this link to her Sketch How to Tutorial. Or this one she did as a guest post.

So I began this post talking about freeing myself up. Well here was my mad epiphany while perusing her blog. I have tons of work mocked up in pencil. I never seem to get around to coloring anything and hence never share it. I keep talking to myself….chiding myself for not buckling down and getting work finished, ready to post. Bound by my perfectionism the pencil sketches keep piling up.

I looked at her work and realized all I have to do is flush out my pencils….add a little ink and share. This way I can share far more of my ideas without holding out to find the time to watercolor or digitally paint everything. So with this new found freedom in mind I hope I can be more productive. So watch out for more sketches in the future.