The Weekend- 11/4/2011

Perhaps it is the change in the weather; a cripsness in the air, the colorful arrival of fall foliage. Whatever the impetus…lately I have been craving pumpkin soup with a dollop of goat cheese (recipe here). As the weekend approaches I think I will have to suss some out.

Now I am not really a foodie. At least not until Fall arrives. Then all my cravings come out of the woodwork; Pumpkin soup, Beet Salad, Osso Bucco and hot chocolate. My inner Foodie revolts demanding rib sticking satisfaction to pad up for winter hybernation!

Occasionally on the weekends I like to treat myself to a scrumptous breakfast. Perhaps if truly inspired I may have to make myself Carla Hall’s recipe for Pumpkin French Toast with Apple Cider Syrup and spiced Pecans I saw on the Chew. If nothing else I can curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and read. {Excerpt: ‘Van Gogh: The Life’ (pdf)}


Weekend Reading list:


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