Wooden Mannequins

Live models aren’t always available to the artist. So a wooden mannequin comes in handy as a reference for proportion. They are available in different sizes and forms, male and female figures, hands, even horses. They can be posed in various positions helping focus in on the figures ratios. Mine sits on my desk unused.

I originally purchased it as a student to aid in sketching the human figure. But with fashion design sketches I am distorting the figure. So it’s become a decorative knickknack. Perhaps if I bought a 9 ½ head figure I might use it more often. Truthfully,  I still probably wouldn’t.

I came across these and thought they would make better desk art then my lonely figure.


So what was there left to do but dress my gal up with a little Halloween inspired couture.

Images (1) Habit of Art (2-3) Caixa de Badulaques (4) DCTdesigns