The Weekend 10/14/11

The dress in this photo hints to my color concept for painting wallflowers. 


I completed watercoloring a bunch of my fashion sketches last weekend playing around with a new watercolor travel kit.  I hope to scan them soon so I can begin to share.  I also have Halloween inspired sketches to complete and post for Monday. See you then!


Weekend reading list:


For your listening pleasure I had to share Alexi Murdoch’s Something beautiful. 
So much more than just a song it plays like a chant and a promise.

Image: lepetithappy

Fashion Plate- Wallflowers

This is a concept sketch/mockup I did a while back entitled Wallflowers. Recently one of my students Christine reminded me of it with a description she wrote of her aptly named line Wallflower.

 ”You may not have noticed her 20 years ago, but now she is all grown up. She is feminine with edgy hints of rebellion. The Wallflower has evolved.”

I’ll have to make sure to get them colored soon. As you might imagine I see them bright and bold. And if you want to see Christine’s line make sure not to miss the Student Fashion show at NYFA on April 14th, 2012. Wallflower will be walking the runway.