The Weekend 10/07/11

As I head into the weekend the words of Steve Jobs Stanford University Commencement speech are running around in my head. I am indebted to him for the numerous insights packed into this speech, thought provoking and perfect inspiration for my Monday meditation.

This weekend the measurements class comes to a close. If I can find the time I hope to put the finishing touches on How to Draw your Personalized Croquis and color some fashion plates. I have Tuesday Talent Interviews to complete. But I have been saying that for weeks. Perhaps I will follow my curiosity and intuition this weekend I find their guidance priceless.


Weekend reading list:


If you want a little viewing pleasure, check out ~ Lov by Vanessa Bruno, the new autumn-winter 2011-2012 film directed by Stephanie Di Gusto, starring Kate Bosworth.



And if shopping is in the cards perhaps this iphone cover by Tibi.  You can even upload your own fashion illustration for a completely customized design.



Image: The Satorialist

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