DCToolbox-Pantone Color reports

Womens’s colors: Bamboo, emberglow, honeysuckle, Phlox, cedar, deep teal, coffee Liqueur, Nougat, orchid hush, Quarry.

Men’s colors (bottom Row) are  similar with only three variations: Burnt Sienna, Raspberry Wine, Cadet. 

Womens’s colors: Tangerine Tango, Solar Power, Bellflower, Caberet, Sodalite Blue, Margarita, Sweet Lilac, Cockatoo, Driftwood, Starfish.

Men’s colors similar with only three variations: Dazzling Blue, Vintage Khaki, Granita, Hawaiian Ocean, Starfish, Tangerine Tango, Sodalite Blue, Solar Power, Tradewinds, Grass Green.

Pantone’s Spring 2012 Color Breakdown:

 All Images from Pantone


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