The Weekend 08/26/11


This weekend I would like to escape to a swing alone on a hillside. Oh but if I only knew of such a place as this one. Everyone’s  lamenting summer’s end as it seems to have flown by so quickly. Fall looming just around the corner.

The news of the earthquake in Virginia and of the East Coast’s brace for Hurricane Irene swept me back 30 or so years. To the only earthquake I experienced while growing up in Pennsylvanian (It knocked over the chess pieces we were using for checkers). And shortly there after the hurricane that trapped me at the house of my violin teacher. Felled by a tree we rode out the storm and awaited fire and rescue to help us home. So I wish you all well as the storm passes over.

This weekend I am having my last Photoshop class. Perhaps I will even complete one of my projects.


Some Reading For the weekend:


Image: Veranda Magazine via CCLoves

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