DCToolbox- mydeco.com

Mydeco.com is a wonderful resource.

Working from furnished/unfurnished templates, uploaded floorplans and images you are able to create room designs, mockup moodboards and color photos.

When creating a moodboard for a design line, recoloring a bedroom photo to test colors, creating a dreamscape for my future home, or simply reading the blogs (US blog & UK blog ) I can get lost for hours. 


The mydeco manifesto (Brit Style)

 1. We believe small spaces were created to challenge us.

2. We believe in shopping in your jim-jams with a good bottle of red.

3. We believe dimmer switches will triple your chance of romance at home.

4. We believe wallpapering your downstairs loo is like wearing a fur coat and no knickers (not for every day, but terrific if you can pull it off).

5. We believe your home says more about you than your iPod.

6. We believe the guy next door is as inspiring as glossy magazines.

7. We believe home decorating is to Brits what therapy is to Yanks.

8. We believe in mixing and matching Granny’s tat with design classics, and that a find has the power to make us happy.

9. We believe the tyranny of bland magnolia must be stopped. And we won’t shut up until it’s painted over.

10. We believe that if you love it, it doesn’t matter where you bought it.


Well, as a “Yank” myself  I can tell you that room decoration is my therapy. And any of my ex-husbands can attest… When I need to change my mood, I rearrange furniture.

 These are just a few examples of images created using mydeco.com. Enjoy!

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