Full Color Imagination

Do you dream in Color?

Inspired by the concept that from one’s imagination anything is possible the video unfolds in three parts, “Birth of Color,” “Explosion of Color,” and “Release of Color”.


So how does color play in your imagination?



In the design world we play with color everyday. The slightest change in Hue, Value or Chroma can make or break your line.  Whether the compositions, textures, or the photography iteself; the right combination of colors can define your garments as seen in these Leighton Meester designs for L’Officiel China by Alexey Yurenev.



There are lots of resources available out there in cyberspace when working to create a color story. But here are a few I like  and recommend.

Kuler allows you to create a color story and will even provide the RGB/CMYK values so you can tranfer them over to illustrator and any other design program you are working in. 

Jessica from Design Seeds has created color stories from a single image. This website has offered me endless inspiration when developing colorways.

Lastly there is color Scheme Designer and the essential Pantone.

Whether the theatrical world of fashion photography, the artist’s pallette or the splashes of color in a fashion designers line, color can create moments of visual drama and magic. It serves as a connecting through-line for design. Everyone has their favorite color and each color it representative mood. So Here’s to the celebration of Color.

Images: (1) Vimeo, (2) Atelierblog (3-8) Lola Benito (4) Zfreet-Pininterest (4)Dan Brady

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