Fragrance- Scent of A Woman

When I was going through fashion design school we had a business class in which the professor covered deportment. One of the topics was the necessity to have a personal fragrance.

The theory being that we are attracted by all of our senses. And that the sense of smell should not be underestimated. Many beleive smell is linked to sense memory. I don’t doubt it. When  everytime I smell White Shoulders it conjures images of my grandmother or even the salty sea air reminding me of summers spent on the coast of Maine. 

As a teenager and into college I liked wearing ysatis de givenchy. Later in my twenties I  found my way to Clarins Elysium. Sadly now discontinued.  Then I finally found a perfume I consider my signature scent. The one I wear everyday without fail not just for special occasions. The perfect mix of spice and florals, strong and still feminine. Coco Madmoiselle.

Coco Mademoiselle captures a certain essence. Both captivating, alluring and perhaps unattainable. Much like Coco herself. For me it so much softer then Chanel No. 5 and I would like to beleive better lends itself to my personality. I prefer the straight parfum but with cost in mind I usually wear the Eau du Parfum spray.



Chanel explained parfum as , “the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion…..that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” 

I think this is what my professor was hinting at.


Coco Mademoiselle Ad Campaign- Kiera Knightley


As I purvey my choice of scents over the years I think each must have been a signature representing an essence during different periods of my life.

~The all embracing, fatally seductive and power time of my teens and early twenties

~The not too overpowering, just enough, natural celebration of my late twenties early thirties.

~To the strong, feminine, irrepressible even unattainable spirit of my thirties, forty and beyond.